How We Can Help

Play & Learn OT

We are committed to supporting your child to build skills to participate in their everyday, and this will look different for every child and family.

Some of the common concerns that we provide support for include: 

Choosing the right therapy support for your child is a deeply personal and important decision.

There are so many options available and knowing who to approach can feel daunting and confusing.
Know that you are the expert on your child - ask as many questions as you need to, to help you decide what will work best for you and your child.

Consider what environment will best support your child's growth and happiness:
 * Will your child thrive in a structured clinic setting, or would they benefit more from community-based support that integrates into their everyday routines?
 * Is a play-based approach, which leverages the natural joy and motivation of play, a 'best fit' for your child, or is focusing on specific skills aligning better with your goals?
 * How are therapy strategies and ideas incorporated into daily life - do they feel like a natural extension within everyday activities rather than a separate task?

Above all, trust your instincts and choose a service that feels nurturing, supportive, and aligned with your family's unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

○ $193.99 per hour for direct (in-person) support including therapy sessions, phone consultations and meetings (in line with NDIS pricing)
○ $193.99 per hour for non-direct support eg report writing, resource development and team liaison
○ travel is billed in 6-minute (0.1 hour) increments, based on your location

○ NDIS - self or plan managed funding
○ Medicare - we can offer services through Chronic Disease Management and Helping Children with Autism plans.
                    - we have limited availability to offer support through Mental Health Care Plans - please contact us first if you wish to use this plan
○ Private Health - check with your insurer for rebates and billing codes

○ Direct from parents
○ Via GP/Paediatrician with Medicare plan (with parent consent)
○ Via educators (with parent consent)

○ 60-minute sessions are booked, of which 50-minutes is direct support, tailored to your child's individual goals and needs, with 10 minutes allocated as non-direct time for planning and preparation and session summary
○ Initial visit or phone consultation with parent if sessions will be held without parent there (eg at school)

○ Session summaries are sent after the session to parents, and any other parties on parent consent
○ Quarterly home visit or phone call (during school holidays) to touch base with parents, and to check in on goals and any changes

○ Western suburbs of Adelaide - our general area is from Outer Harbor to Brighton, and east to Woodville area

○ Our immediate availability fluctuates; however we are frequently at full capacity.
○ We would encourage interested families to make a referral enquiry and have child on our waiting list, but also seek out other potential services as well