School Readiness

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Starting School with Confidence

Starting school is a big step for your child, and it's natural to feel a mix of excitement and nerves. You want them to thrive, make friends, and feel comfortable in their new environment, but it's normal to have some concerns about the transition.  

Adjusting to a New School

A new school brings a lot of changes - new classrooms, new teachers, and new routines. It can be a bit overwhelming for both you and your child.  

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Building School Readiness

Preparing your child for school goes beyond packing their backpack and buying new supplies. It's about equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to thrive in a classroom setting. From social skills to academic readiness, there are many aspects to consider. 
As parents, you play a crucial role in building your child's school readiness. 
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How Can I Help My Child Prepare for School?

As a parent, there are many ways you can help prepare your child for school. From practicing self-help skills to fostering independence, there are many ways you can help your child prepare for the transition. 

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Is My Child Ready For School?

It's natural to wonder if your child is ready for the academic and social challenges of school. Rest assured, readiness is not just about knowing letters and numbers—it's about a combination of skills, including social and emotional development.

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My Child is Anxious About Going to School and Leaving Me…

Separation anxiety is common among children, especially during times of transition.
Establishing routines for drop-off, including creating a comforting goodbye ritual (which might include an adult from school), creating a visual schedule/story to help your child understand that you will come back, and routines for pick-up will help your child to feel safe

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My Child Doesn't Know How to Play with Other Kids…

If your child is having difficulty interacting with peers, there are many strategies to help them develop these important skills.
Role-playing, and turn-taking games, and creating social stories are a few ideas to model and support your child to understand some of the social games and rules they will encounter with peers at school

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My Child Can't Write Their Name Yet…

It's important to remember that every child develops at their own pace. If your child is struggling with writing their name or other academic skills, there are many ways to support them and it's important to meet the child where they are at, and work on the skills they are ready for - this might mean writing comes later, or it might be that you can practice drawing and tracing to start learning.

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I Worry My Child Won't Cope with the Structure of School Lessons / Routines…

Structure and routine are important aspects of school life, but they can be challenging for some children to navigate. If you're concerned about your child's ability to cope with the demands of school, talk with your child's teacher/school leaders about strategies that might be available.

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Will Teachers Understand What My Child Needs?

We believe in the power of collaboration between parents, educators, and therapists. We work closely with school staff to ensure they understand your child's unique needs and advocate for the support and accommodations your child requires. We can support the development of individualised education plans and provide informal and formal teacher training as needed.