Building Confidence in Learning

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Building Confidence in Learning: Supporting Your Child's Journey

As a parent, you want to see your child succeed in school and develop a love for learning. But what happens when school is hard, and your child struggles to keep up?
At Play & Learn Occupational Therapy, we understand the challenges parents face when their child finds learning difficult. Our focus is on building confidence in learning, supporting your child through tailored strategies and accommodations to make education more accessible and enjoyable.

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Understanding Learning Challenges

Learning is a complex process that involves memory, attention, focus, and other cognitive skills. When these areas present difficulties, it can lead to frustration, low self-esteem, and a reluctance to engage in school activities. If your child has trouble remembering what they were taught or struggles to focus, it can affect their overall academic performance and confidence. Our goal is to identify the underlying causes of your child's learning challenges and work with them to develop strategies that promote success. It's important to remember that learning difficulties can be caused by many factors, often beyond anyone's control. With the right support, every child can make progress in their unique way and at their own pace.  

Helping Your Child Learn

 Here are some key areas we focus on to help your child learn more effectively:
• Attention and Focus: If your child struggles to pay attention in class or gets easily distracted, we offer techniques to improve concentration. This might involve structured routines, sensory tools, or interactive activities that keep your child engaged.
 • Memory Strategies: Remembering what was taught in school can be challenging for some children. We work on memory-boosting exercises, such as using visual aids, and repetition to help information stick
. • Reading and Writing Support: Learning to read and write can be daunting for children with learning difficulties. Our therapists use multisensory approaches to make reading and writing more accessible and enjoyable.
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Supporting Parents and Caregivers

We understand that navigating learning challenges can be overwhelming for parents. We believe that parents play a crucial role in their child's learning, and we offer resources and guidance to help you support your child at home and in school.
Collaboration with Schools: We work closely with schools and teachers to ensure that your child's unique needs are met. This collaborative approach helps create a supportive learning environment for your child. We can support you to negotiate for learning accommodations, including participating in Team Around the Child meetings, and formulation of OnePlan / Individual Learning Plan documents
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Strategies and Accommodations

Building confidence in learning requires a combination of effective strategies and suitable accommodations. We believe in providing children with the tools they need to succeed, while also advocating for accommodations that make learning more manageable.
Here are some of the strategies and accommodations we recommend:
 • Structured Learning Environments: A predictable and structured learning environment can help children with focus and organisation. We work with parents and teachers to create consistent routines that reduce anxiety and improve attention.
 • Breaks and Movement: Incorporating breaks and movement into the learning process can boost focus and reduce restlessness. Our therapists design activities that balance learning with physical activity, ensuring your child stays engaged.
 • Assistive Technology: Technology can be a valuable asset in supporting learning. We explore tools like text-to-speech software, educational apps, and other assistive devices to enhance your child's learning experience.